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Hello and Happy New Year 2019 to each one of you and new Year New Whatsapp . New year bring so much happiness and so many new things in the life of people. And here whatsapp also is trying to bring something new for you as a new year gift. Let’s try to find out what whatsapp is bringing to you for this year. Today many new feature plus in Whatsapp. Our team is read all Whatsapp FAQ and than lastly write this article.

Consecutive Audio Messages:

Well, it is a new trend these days to talk through audio messages. And whatsapp has thought for those people as well. This features allows the user to play the voice message automatically when it is sent or received in sequences. It means the receiver will not have to play the clip again and again but it will automatically play for the receiver. That’s interesting, isn’t it?

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Dark Mode:

And this is one more interesting things that has come to our notice. Whatsapp is bringing the feature of Dark mode which you can apply and use at night. You can apply this mode during night time while using whatsapp which will be convenient for the user to use the particular application.

Video Preview:

Whatsapp is also coming with the feature that will allow user to play the video directly from the pop-up notification. Yes, you will be able to play the video directly from the notification panel without opening the application.

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Contact Ranking:

This is also one more interesting thing that the application is going to introduce. By this feature the application will automatically rank the most chatted and communicated contacts at the top and consequently it will rank the contacts in the rank communicated from most to less.

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