The court ruled that this state will be Ben TikTok App

The court ruled that this state will be Ben TikTok App
If you use the video social media platform TickTalk, it’s a bad news for you. Indeed, the Madras High Court’s Madurai bench on Wednesday directed the central government to ban Ben at the uploading of Popular Mobile Video App Tick Talk.

In addition, Justice N. and Justice MS Sunder, in the bench, issued a directive in the media organizations saying that they will not broadcast videos made on Tic Talk as they are reaching pornography and catastrophic content through easy access to children through the Tick Talk app.
The court said that most of the juvenile and teenage class people who are using the Tic Talk Episode are doing the same. Whose fad is growing slowly. And this is going through cyber games destroying the future of adolescents and their child’s mind.

The Tick Talk app is also making our culture worse, so it should be banned. Due to this, a request was made to bend it by submitting an application. Earlier, there was a demand for banning this app in Tamil Nadu. Now it will be prosecuted.

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