Whatsapp is not perfect

Well, there is a universal fact Whatsapp is not perfect nobody is perfect in this world and so is applicable for the world of softwares an applications. Though whatsapp is the most famous and loved chatting application today. There are some drawbacks and lacks in the application. We are trying to bring those drawbacks in front of you people today and will try to tell you why whatsapp is not the perfect application for you and why whatsapp is not the best application.

Degrades the Image quality:

Though it is very easy and convenient to send and receive images. It is very sad to know that whatsapp doesn’t deliver the image in as good quality as it really is. What whatsapp does is it compresses the image to lower quality and makes it easier and faster for the user to download it. But in doing this, whatsapp is making the customers by degrading the quality of the image.

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The other thing that whatsapp does is it makes the phone numbers public and anyone and can get your phone number easily if one wants to. It would be much appreciative if whatsapp makes use of Username and relates. It to the existing phone number instead of using phone number as the priority.

One Device:

Whatsapp can be used on only one device at a time. I mean if you are having two phones and you want to run the same application with the same number, you cannot do that. I mean you cannot use the application on two devices ant the same time.

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Whatsapp shares your data:

Yes, you are reading it right. Whatsapp shares data with its parent company Facebook and this is one of the major and big reasons why facebook gave this much amount to buy whatsapp. It shares the data of yours to facebook.

Whatsapp isn’t safe:

Well, if you don’t know this and using whatsapp, you need to know this thing. Whatsapp chat logs are saved in your SD card and it can easily be read by other app. The chats can easily be decrypted by using a simple python script.

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