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From ‘What’s up?’ to ‘Whatsapp’

We are provide whatsapp status 2019, download new whatsapp status 2019. We live in the world of Internet. Year 2018 was almost so and so will be the year 2019. Earlier it was Eat, Drink and Sleep. Nowadays we need to add one more word here and make it like Eat, Drink, Sleep and Surf. Surfing has become one of the major addictions of today’s generation and social media is becoming the major platform that is increasing the value of internet even more. Social media platforms and applications have achieved and sustained great success in the year 2018. No idea what 2019 will come up with! But no wonder if this year could be called the year of ‘Social Media’. Many web are providing video status but Whatsappvideostatus.com provide HIgh quality and best whatsapp video status provide.

Social media

Social Media platforms and Applications have made a great impact in the lives people living in this era. Especially mediums like Instagram, facebook, twitter, Whatsapp and now TikTok. Among all these mediums Whatsapp has been proved to be one of the easiest and user friendly things available for any generation. The success scale of Whatsapp has been moving higher and higher and new feature with new updates of this application is making it even more competitive for the other platforms available nowadays.

Whatsapp status 2019

Whatsapp status 2019

If we talk about the new feature of Whatsapp, it is the Status thing that Whatsapp has introduced to the people using Whatsapp around the world. This feature is making people crazy like anything. This feature allows a user to post an update and make it available to see it to the public or the person he/she wants to show in his/her contact list for 24 hours. Download new and best whatsapp video status and Whatsapp status video, Whatsappvideostatus.com

In simple words, Whatsapp allows you to share words, photographs, GIF files and videos which will disappear after 24 hours. This requires you and your friend to have saved each other’s phone numbers in the respective phones. Whatsapp status will disappear after 24 hours of posting the status. A very interesting thing about this feature is that you can post not only photo but also a GIF or a video for the viewers in your contact list.

Whatsapp status 2019

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Power of whatsapp

One more interesting thing here is that there have been many websites which provide various contents for the people to post as their Whatsapp Status. This means not only Whatsapp but many owners of various websites also make money out of those Whatsapp features. Whatsapp application is not a small thing these days. Actually it has power to gather people at any time anywhere. It can cause tremendous effect to the mass and it can provide much important as well as useful information to the mass. However there have been many negative incidents as well that have come up through Whatsapp. Incidents like mob lynching and all that.

Variety of whatsapp status 2019

Well, we are here to talk about the famous feature of Whatsapp here. And the status thing is becoming more and more popular these days. There have been variety of people with variety of minds and variety of intentions who have got chance to reflect their emotions in one another way and the credit goes to Whatsapp team. There are people who want their emotions to come out of their heart are always active through their Whatsapp status. People are seen to post statuses like Love status, Romantic status, sad status, songs as their status. 

They also post the status on any special days like Diwali, Christmas and other world festivals. If we try and write Whatsapp status in google, there will be a plenty of websites on your screen which will be ready to show us statuses as categorizing them as Love status, Romantic status, Sad status, funny status, birthday status and so on. The list can be never ending.

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Whatsapp and 2019

Year 2019 is definitely coming with much more updates to your favourite and most popular application in your phone. Rumors also say that Whatsapp is introducing advertisements in the status same as we get to see in Instagram. Earlier in 2012 the CEO of Whatsapp had announced that they will never include the advertisement part in the application but as you all know money keeps a higher weight than words. We all need to be ready to see advertisements while watching our Whatsapp statuses of our families, friends and relatives. 2019 can somehow disappoint you by making and updating new changes in your favourite application.

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Many people have come up with the words that if the advertisement part gets into this application. They would definitely uninstall the app and leave it forever; people are also saying that the advertisement part in status will kill the charm of using Whatsapp. All that we can do now is wait and watch what exactly is going in the minds of people sitting in the cabins of Whatsapp office. Download new whatsapp status 2019.
This means that Whatsapp statuses in 2019 are not going to be the same as they used to be in earlier years. Someone has rightly said “The world is in a state of flux” and Whatsapp status are no exception to this

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